2013 Grantees



Shades Retreat

Shades Retreat: Personal, You = Empowerment, Growth and Change for Queer Women of Color - Grant Amount: $2400  - “We strive to do that every year by offering grown and growing women a weekend outside of their norm of city life, cell phones and the internet with all its distractions. We give them instead mental, emotional and life changing workshops as well as the sisterhood of women who are seeking the same.

We plant and water the seeds of empowerment, growth and change…”


Anondra “Kat” Williams
Founder, Shades Retreat  - http://www.shadesretreat.org



Griot Circle


Griot Circle – Grant Amount: $2600 - 

GRIOT Circle’s mission is to provide programs and services to assist our members in removing the isolation and fear around aging in the LGBT people of color community as well as the larger community and to eliminate discrimination wherever it exists. It is our hope to empower these individuals to be self-sufficient and free to enjoy aging in a safe and supportive environment. Griot Circle is based in Brooklyn, New York. For more information, go to: